Let's Learn About!: Let's Learn About Collaborative Discoveries! The Winds of The Swayze


Let's Learn About Collaborative Discoveries! The Winds of The Swayze

On the night of November 11, 2005, a group of geniuses convened in Brooklyn. Representing experts from every field of study, much brain power was juiced and wonderful discoveries made. The cure for cancer was revealed, as well as a solution to the world hunger problem, but those were but small dark-meat mcnuggests compared to the highlight of this evening, their realization of the cultural phenomena that is Patrick Swayze's ass and it's many appearances in cinematic works of art. Luckily for the world's population there was a recording of part of the night. You may listen and learn and be wowed by their brilliant analyzations. Due to a glitch in the recording process the cure for cancer and starvation were unfortunately lost, but thanks to the easy cheese, massive amounts of alcoholic beverages, and freestyle dance competitions, no one seemed to notice.


(This is an improvised song by the Fluff Radio Review House Band who are best known for their smash hit "The Fluff Radio Review Theme Song with Llamas and Amoebas." Find out more about the Fluff Radio Review House Band on the About Us page.)


So close to me-eeee!

Her body close to mine.
You can't look in her eyes.
She's out of my league.
Just a fool to believe I have anything she needs.
She's like the wind.

[Spoken] I don't know where to go now.
A friend of mine asked me if this was a song about farting...
And it's not.
[Spoken] No.
But I like to pretend, that's it's a song about farting...
Though it's not.
[spoken] Well, She's like the wind through my trees is like his trees could be his ass cheeks and that goes back to Red Dawn and Patrick Fayze's fine ass. Sweet ass.
This whole night is about Patrick Swayze's fine ass.

She's like the wind, through my trees.
My trees are like the wind, through Patrick Swayze,
And you can only hear me!

She's leads me through moonlight, only to burn me with the sun.
She's taken my heart, and she doesn't know what she's done!
[Spoken] I think she knows and I think she's a BITCH!
Feel her breath on my face.
(She's breathing on me.)
Her body close to me.
(She smells really sweet.)
Can't look in her eyes.
(Because they are closed.)
She's out of my league!

Just a fool to believe I have anything she needs
She's like the wind.

She leads me through moonlight and all I see.
[Spoken] God, it's so windy in here!
Is a young old man
[Spoken] Young old man?
With only a dream
[Spoken] I believe we call that an oxymoron.
Am I just fooling myself that she'll stop the pain
(With novacaaaaaine.)
Living without her I go insane.

Feel her breath on my face.
Her body close to me.
Can't look in her eyes.
She's out of my league.
Just a fool to believe I have anything she needs.

Break-Down (that's why they call it a break-it-down, because it kinda breaks)

Just a foooooool to believe.
She's like the wind. (keeps repeating)

[Spoken] We gonna never stop. We're never gonna stop. We don't slow down. We don't ever stop. Diet Pepsi.

Break it down break it down, Patrick Swayze style. (That's all I had.)

I know you can't hear my dancing but...

Don't be a fool!

It's overload.
I'm knocking down windows with the thing
that I'm breaking into cars cause I lost my keys.
I'm a fool!
I'm Patrick Swayze!
You're a fool! We're fools!
I'm Patrick Swayze!
Like the wind!
I've been in lots of movies that show my ass.
Cause I'm Patrick Swayze.
Red Dawn.
Point Break.
And Roadhouse.
Dirty Dancing
And Ghost.
And a few more I'm sure.
I had an appearance on SNL where I rode a horse with one of those guys with the moving pecs!

She's like the wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind.

[Spoken] Oh my god, I can't sing. Aeiiiiiii.

Patrick Swayze if you're listening there's a warm spot on my bed for you.

Aaah! (laughter)

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