Klio’s journal comic quest to

complete 10,000 drawings. Beautiful, funny, angsty, plus Colleen cameos  

  Everything a photocomic should

aim to be plus an extra 300lbs

(of vinyl)

My love for Hogan (the Hulk kind) is like my love for this Hogan comic (the Steve kind)

So. So. SOOO. Brilliant and perhaps even weirder than FLUFF!

A stash of 1800’s ‘staches!?! Could it get any better than this?!?!?!

NYC roommates deal with love, life,

and gooey mini-alien tongues.

“Luther doesn’t believe in

premarital sex.” “He ought to.

It’s real, I’ve seen it myself.”

   Dark, depressing, tears your heart out  of Colleen’s chest with every reading

Chris Pearce’s Journal Comic RULES, and so does the man who creates it

Daily comics every New Yorker

should read. I am so addicted to this!

Michael is so cool it makes me almost wish we didn’t throw his tea out in Boston.

You don’t even know

what reading is!

I hope the robots that take over the world wind up being this awesome

I once colored Dave’s comics

with meat and big league chew.

If you click on this link to Poppycock Theatre just right a koala will pop out.

Holy crap Canadian Venables can draw! (or at least this one really can)

I am the prince of the night!

I demand you change my litter!

Assassinations of popular presidents reenacted on Rrombas = GENIU

Colleen was haunted

by a childhood memory.


The best thing since before,

after, and during sliced bread.


Ms. Amanda makes a fine comic and

fine jewerly. Wooo crafty lady!

I love, love, love the art style of Abducting the Aliens

Everytime I give a “Thigh Five” I

 fondly think of T-REX

Perfect for that artistic

zombie in your life

The unicorns will save us all!

These stuffed animals makes my stuffed animals look lazy...

Cyber Dark Infection is a truly unique graphic novel that you really MUST read

Creepy, crude, and other c-words I

like. Brooklyn-based comic guy. Yay!

Collaboration gives me gas.

In a good way.

Less gum-bleeding.

More lava-covered floors.

Vote for Drew!

 Giants stole

my rhythm.

I am voting Benjoe for president!

Once Jaime & Kyle made me laugh so hard I dropped a bowl of cereal in my crotch

Fluff’s own Eric and Sara Skiff bring the best in music to the podsafe network!

A vidcast with loads of animations, puppets, and bananas.

Smedrick and Eric from Meet the Posse know a heck of a lot about gamin'

Click for our full directory of Fluff Radio Musical Guests who haved rocked our auditory asses.

Robin Enrico is a great guy

who makes great mini-comics

Andy Runton is quite possibly the sweetest human being on the planet.

THE artist of indie hit Dracula vs. King Arthur & one of Colleen’s closest friends

Peek at GENIUS Scott Bateman’s animation-a-day project, where Colleen occasionally lends her voice.

“It’s hard to sleep when the couch

is on fire.” Pat Lewis for President!

 Bizarre tale of a damned 40’s cartoon & his fetus ghosts companions

Exclusive photos and tales behind the world of comedy, run by Fluff’s own

Anya “Mucho Sexy” Garrett!

Hand-etched crafty goodness

 by a rad Bostonian lady!

I’m totally going to marry

one of these bunnies.

Experimental Spaghetti Films

by the one and only Evan Dashevsky

Short films by “The Posse,” including a non-appearance by Colleen

 Without Nim Wunnan Fluff might’ve never been created. Buy his book!

Best kid’s book site on the whole interweb. (CV’s day job)

He works alone, except when he works with Rinaldo which is all the time.

Video taped pranks that border on pants-peeing

Art that kicks ass that you can afford!

Funniness updated every weekday by some Brooklyn locals.

One of Fluff Radio’s first

and favorite musical guests.

I will never get sick of Eugene’s

version of “Hurky-Jerky Man”

 Colleen’s Sketch Comedy is

occasionally performed here.

A listing of comix created by girls

 Fluff in Brooklyn is an “editor’s pick”

Fantastic resource for finding

web comics

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