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183- "The Epi-Log"
182- "How Caviar Got Her Groooove Back"
181- "Turning Off the Sexy-Giraffe Lamp"
180- "The Pants Make the Hobo (look thinner)"
179- "Love Twuuue Love"
178- "Tammy the Enchanted Academician Goat"
177- "The Resplendent Return"
176- "Re-death of the Polka Disease"
175- "Eeny, Meany, Miney, My. Which Way Will Furboa Die?"
174- "Bring on the Briberogies!"
173- "The Jock Jams Skirt"
172- "The Line Went All The Way From 23rd Street to 1932"
171- "Shelley Knows The Secret To Wearing Clothes Is To Look Like You Are Not Wearing Any Clothes At All"
170- "Crustacean Shadow Puppetry"
169- "Man Churned Butts"
168- "Jeepers, Creepers, Quantum Leapers!"
167- "Storylines Explained, Just a Dollar a Day!"
166- "Not by Dead Man's Curve!?"
165- "Sex Giraffe Sex Giraffe You're My Sex Giraffe"
164- "And Yoko Was Only Half-Dolphin"
163- "If You Remove the Tag They Won't Know How Much Money it Cost"
162- "Llama, Llama, Llama, Pigeon"
161- "Wile E. Knows The Way"
160- "Half Into the 'Habit' of Murder..hehe...get it...habit...Oh I SLAY Me!"
159- "Convent Of The Blood Of Our Lord On His Feet"
158- "High Noon"
157-"If You Don't Look Good, Maybe We Messed Up"
156- "60 Minutes of Pure Joy and Dragons"
155- "And That's Why They Are Called Sneakers, NOT Tennis Shoes"
154- "Oh Yeah, Sly, It Gets Weirder"
153-"Showdown in Times Square"
152- "Sorry I Left Catch Phrases All Over the Living Room"
151- "Furboa Polked a Dot in Time"
150- "One Hit Wonder Awww Sheeet" (START OF THE "POLKA DISEASE" STORYLINE)
149- "I'm Sorry I Can't C and U You Anymore"
148- "The Dreaded Diddley Doots"
147- "Please Stop Staring at My Intentional Glibness"
146- "Landshark"
145- "Kissing Like a Bandit, Stealing Thyme"
144- "It's Very Hard To Kiss Something You Can't See"
143- "Love at First (Sober) Sight"
141- "A Few Seconds Earlier and Nine Years Later"
140- "The Ratio of Staten Island Citizens to Silver Ties is Disturbingly High"
139- "Working on Commission Sucks"
138- "Ketchup is Made of Dead Tomatoes (and magic)"
137- "Visiting the DMP"
136- "Shelley Almost Breaks Out the Brass Hooves"
135- "Let's Learn About Time Travel! - The Teen Guide to 1997" (VIDEO)
134- "VHS Was An Acronym! For Something!"
133- "Somebody's Got a Bun...ion!"
132- "When the Hell Are We?"
131- "Sweet Talking the Chup"
130- "Seriously, Don't Invite Phil To Your Parties"
129- "When in Doubt Steven Seagal is a Very Good Actor"
128- "Oh, Scrabble!"
127- "Secret Aaaagent.........................Jerboa." (START OF THE "TIME TRAVELING FOR TEENS GUIDE TO 1997" STORYLINE)
126- "We Interupt This Program..."
125- "Yo, I'm Still Waiting for My High Five..."
124- "278 Boxes of Puddin' and Love"
123 - "Four! FOUR! FOUR! Ha ha ha"...Count Facula
122- " I want EasyCheese!"
121- "I Hope Tiny Dinosaurs Don't Come and Eat My Feet"
120- "Hot Panting and Explosions"
119- "And This Little Piggy Had Chex Mix..."
118- "Designing Wooa-Mans (with special guest Bruce Willis)"
117- "It is a Magical, Magical Place"
116- "Hey, That's Not a Hat, Badger!"
115- "Bonding With Derby Always Results in the Same Punchline"
114- "Hyper-Neighbor: The Fluff Choose-Your-Own-Adventure"
113- "CYOA, A Preview..."
112- "Higgins Is Unable to Drink Out of Coffee Cups"
111- "What Do You MEAN They Don't Have the Coin Sorter on the Plane?!"
110- "Fur Going to Pump...YOU UP!"
109- "Prince Freddie Mercury Anderson"
108- "Colleen AF Venable, Coed Arm Wrestling Champion, Miss O'Shea's 8th Grade Bio Class"
107- "Wait Just One Minute! It's Not Monday, Mr. Bill!"
106- "Sick Soy and Accidental Murder"
105- "Davy's Dreamy, but Simon's Got a Better Stache"
104- "Who Doesn't Love Ponies?"
103- "Toothpaste, Foreheads, and the Fight for the Pistol Seat"
102- "It's Amazing What a Little Shading Can Do"
101- "Celebrating Halloween With That Special Zombedy"
100- "Big MOMMA-JOMMA, Part II"
99- "Bottles of Beer on the Wall (aka 100th Part I aka a BIG MOMMA-JOMMA of a comic)"
98- "Death of the Tadpolites-The Finale"
97- "Evil Mitten Games"
96- "As Close to a Gamer Comic as I'm Ever Gonna Get"
95- "It's SUPER Professor Cabbage-Patch-Kids-Horse"
94- "If Only I Owned a Mouth Harp..."
93- "I Wouldn't Stick My Head In There (the gnomes might KILL me)"
92- "Anything You Say, Master, Sir"
91- "E.V.A.S.T.! That's A Lot of Oates!"
90- "Likes Long Walks (from Chicago) and Tomato Paste"
89- "Secret Agent Jerboa"
88-"Fwump, Fwump, Fwump"
87- "Red Stripe, Stuffed Animals, and Stump Removal"
86- "What to Wear While Being Attacked by Leprechauns"
85- "Killing Santa with a Innocent Bystander Under Each Pit"
84- "Super Villains At The Playground, ya know"
83- "International Fanclub Headgear"
82- "Sticking the Landing"
81- "Terror Brought to You in Stunning 2-D!"
80- "Thousand Pounds of Bananas"
79- "Every Good Superhero Needs a Good Super Villain (or Seven)"
78- "And the Numbers Dwindle"
77- "Serial Killer Mailboxes"
76- "Place Your Bets On Which TADPOLITE Is Gonna Die"
75- "The Search for Super Tadpole"
74- "Fluffographics Part III: Secrets of the Universe"
73- "Fluffographics Part II: Ovary Aliens in Brooklyn"
72- "Mean Meanwhiles Times Three"
71- "The Chicks are Packed!"
70- "The Jerboa Who Has No Toes and Other Obscure Lear"
69- "Dreams of Laminators and Nightmares of Dill"
68- "Astrolandish Games"
67- "On My Honor, I Will Try, To Serve God"
66- "Festoon Clumps, Flemish Contumacy, & Fallacious Conclusions"
65- "With Love, Archie Teeth"
64- "The Book of Fluff, a.k.a. An Excuse to Wear An Evening Gown"
63- "Breakin' Up (with a wizard) Is Hard to Do"
62- "Picasso's Prophecy"
61-" The Truth About James Dean's Death"
60- "The Great Fluffet Caper"
59- "Higgins, Furboa, and the Hangover Brunch"
58- "Loan Sharks and the Dangers of Heavy Sleeping"
57- "Headliner, I Challenge You to a Game of Horseshoes"
56- "The Birth of the Secret Handshake to END ALL Secret Handshakes"
55- "The Best Friend I've Ever Had"
54- "Revenge of the Stunt Double"
53- "50, You Get the Picture"
52- "50 Part III, The Hottest Giraffe Bod This Side of the Gowanas
51- "50 Part II, Earlier That Evening"
50- "50!"
49- "Choo-Choo & Friends"
48- "Phantom Limbs & Apple Filling"
47- "Carnivorous Llamas"
46- "I Think The Scone Was Already Suicidal Anyway"
45- "The Beautiful Snowmen"
44- "(Almost) Former Employee of Badger&Badger"
43- "$25,000 A Year, Plus All the Raisins You Can Eat!"
42- "Wait, LISA was the Gladiator! Well I Already MS Painted It..."
41- "Job Interview at 11, Take the F Transfer to the #2"
40- "Who Kisses With Their Eyes Open...Seriously?"
39- "Didn't I Deposit 25 Cents (& Blow Ur Mind Girl)"
38- "Concerned Citizen of Kings County"
37- "Everybody Loves Derby"
36- "Invitation to a Beheading"
35- "RF Gets a Shot at the Infield"
34- "Ultimate"
33- "January, February, March, April, & Julio"
32- "I'd Rather Have Some Curry Than Be Gored by a Spike"
31- "Just Sit Right Back and You'll Hear a Tale"
30- "Missing Persons & Places"
29- "Flirting with Flagella"
28- "93% Sports 6% Leisure 1% Idiotic Mini-Army Men"
27- "Introducing Higgins, the Compulsive Gambling Cow & Trent, Playa/Nightime Mailroom Manager"
26- "Only the Nose Knows and the Nose Can't Talk"
25- "The Silver Comic, Now With More Cow"
24- "Perhaps It Was the Butler..."
23- "It's Like Butter...Well, Actually it IS Butter"
22- "Delta On My Mind, aka Sophmore Fluff, a Tale in 23 Panels"
21- "Zak Attack Reunion Tour 'Ought Five"
20- "V-Day Perishables"
19- "One Day It'll Be Worth Millions. MILLIONS!"
18- "Okay, Who Wants a Tissue Box Cozy?"
17- "Keep On Your Leg Digits, Men!"
16- "Sue, Sue, Suuuud-e-oooooooh Yeeeeah"
15- "You Say You Want a Revolution..."
14- "What Spuds Mackenzie Left Behind"
13- "Damn, the Afterlife's a Drag"
12- "Nothing a Dog Named After a Potato Can't Fix"
11- "Topanga Puddin' & the Mystery of the Single Soy"
10- "Hall & Horrors"
9- "I Never Did Get that Hippopotamus"
8- "A Voice Like the Angels"
7- "Pre-pubescent Rubber Poultry"
6- "The Ladies' Amoeba"
5- "What Do You Mean 'Who the Hell is David Lascher'?"
4- "Only Three Payments of $29.95?!"
3- "Technology Takes Over"
2- "Thick Socks"
1- "A Llama at the Gates"

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