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Let's Learn About Preservation!
Fixing the Giant Hole In the Internet

Now don't be embarrassed if you use this "internet" thing fairly often. It's actually getting quite popular I hear. There are even some people, a growing number of people, that claim anything in the world could be found on the internet, from pictures of llamas in rollerskates to pictures of your grandmother in nothing but her good-luck bridge hat.

Unfortunately, I'm here to shatter that belief...

A conversation in this thread made me come to a startling realization that the internet, while rather comprehensive and large and sexy, is completely lacking in one extremely vital area.

There is a giant hole in the internet and that hole can only be filled with pictures of
squirrels wearing neckties.

It's true. If you google image search for this, you'll most likely wind up squirrel-less-ness and will quickly spiral down into a pit of depression you may never be able to shake. I don't want this to happen to any more people.

The problem must be fixed and I believe we can do it if we work together! If you post photoshopped pictures you create of squirrel's wearing neckties I WILL make it my job to ensure that these pictures make it onto the magical google grid of images (through the use of another LLA! with the images carefully labeled), filling up the hole on the internet and the squirrels-wearing-neckties sized hole in my heart.

The internet is depending on us. WE MUST SAVE THE INTERNET!

(Please spread the word of this as you see fit, the more people who can help with this cause, the better. I'd hate to think my offspring could grow up in a world where it is difficult to google pictures of squirrels wearing neckties. Please, think of the children. The ones that will pop out of me. *POP*)

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