FLUFF RADIO REVIEW #30: Sweet Like A Chocolate Empire State Building

Get out your hands and feet and then somebody else's hands or feet (your choice) cause we just hit show number 30! This week's show is like the back of a highlights book where you have to figure out what's different. Can you figure it out? I'll give you a hint: it has nothing to do with the assembly of medival weapons or a lack of pants or the Cliffhanger fan club or the ghost of Peanuts Past or Annie's New Gold Tooth...still haven't gotten it? Well, I could give you more hints, but I've got a murder weapon to assemble.

Musical Guest:

Jason Webley performing "Dance While the Sky Crashes Down" and "Maps"

Tales of Wonder:
  • Tourist Season Begins
  • Catapult Assembly 101
  • Ear Patches are Sexy
  • If We Wrote "Cliffhanger" it Would Have Been A Much Better Movie
  • Ben is Cool the the MAX (not the Peach Pit)
  • Business Squirrel Hunting
Most Memorable Lines Taken Out of Context:
  • "Everything's better on Roller Skates. I'm planning on getting that tattoo as a bumper sticker."
  • "That sounds like a fat lady looking at a chocolate empire state building."
  • "Those are animatronic bugs that are selling something. Those are animatronic bugs with purpose. Those are animatronic bugs with a career goal."
  • "The timing was so perfect that we totally shat little green apples."
  • "And there can be Planet Argo the Horse and Plant Joxer the kind-hearted bumbling idiot."

mp3 of Fluff Radio Review Show 30
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