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Fluff isn't dead! Creative-less streak is totally over! Fluff Radio ii shows have started to be recorded and two more Fluff Radio Review shows are still hidden in the Fluff Vault. Huge redesign is underway, but while you wait you should check out my flickr feed which i update way too often, friend me at FACEBOOK, and MOST importantly check out the new Lumberjack Day site, celebrated internationally this friday, September 26! Join the LUMBERJACK DAY group on FACEBOOK. Spread pictures of your celebration over at the LUMBERJACK DAY FLICKR POOL. Or even better yet: if you are in NYC come to the official LUMBERJACK DAY party being hosted by the BLACK RABBIT BAR in Greenpoint, Brooooooklyn!

...I miss you guys. *big hug that lasts just long enough to become a little awkward* ...colleen AF to the ven to the able

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