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Annie has gotten very good at photoshop and the world should be afraid. Scarily enough I looked EXACTLY the same at 16 months as I do now...SHOW 60 is here! In comic news *gasp!* the comic is not dead. It's just been sleeping. It is, however, very near the end. There are only six episodes (give or take a few) left to the "absurdist soap opera". I've finished two which will be going up shortly in no particular calendar-lovin' fashion. Perhaps I'll come back to the soap opera, but I just really want to do something new soon and I've got something special in mind. I assure you it will be just as weird as the adventures of Furboa, Fuzzywig, and Shelley...and will even feature them from time to time. You shall see! Oh you shall see! ...coll who is feeling very very creative lately, which is a damn good thing

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